Private Clients

Private documents also need professional translation

We naturally also welcome private clients, who are bound to find the right translation service for their needs in our broad portfolio.

You have a document that needs translation into another language? Gundi Nikol’s translation service is the answer! We offer all types of text translation, naturally also for private clients.

Your documents, fit for the target country

Work makes up half our lives, it is said. Officialdom often the other half. Notification of the authorities of a change in address, birth or marriage certificates, work references, school certificates, resumes, certificates of good conduct, etc., etc. – no wonder our private lives sometimes seem more complicated than work life.

Such is bureaucracy. In Germany there is already more than enough to do, but what happens when you need to get all the paperwork together for another country?

We therefore offer not only emigrants translation of private texts to help them reach new shores. We also translate foreign documents into German and certify them if necessary.

Deeds, certificates and other documents

Send us your documents by e-mail, fax or post for a first appraisal. We will then gladly quote you a price (fixed or on line/word basis).

Translation of specialised texts is a difficulty in itself, but watch out when it comes down to specific wording – in such cases you should not risk anything, but place your first steps abroad in the capable hands of professional linguists.

We offer translations in more than 30 languages and an express service for especially urgent matters.

We also certify all documents translated by us if need be.

If you are interested, we would be pleased to hear from you. Call +49 201 8117747 or write an e-mail to

We translate the following for private clients:

Birth certificates

Marriage certificates

Family registers

Registration certificates

School-leaving certificates



Divorce decrees


Driver’s licences

Certificates of civil status

Death certificates

Certificates of no impediment

School reports

Work references


University graduation certificates

Certificates of good conduct

Maintenance declarations

…and much more

Medical Profession

Translation of application credentials for doctors

Qualified doctors usually study longer than most other academics. If you belong to this profession, you probably see one thing the same way we do: as a doctor, you don’t also need to be a perfect translator. And since doctors often need translations of very specialised texts, we have an exclusive section in our service portfolio for them.

Difficult job, difficult texts

A move abroad usually involves bureaucratic hurdles and paperwork before you can lead a normal life in your new country of residence. Not to mention the language barriers.

The same applies when you decide to return to Germany after working in a foreign country and need your new qualifications, references, certificates and other documents translated into German and certified.

Contact us too if you are a doctor from an EU country or further abroad and need certified translations of your foreign university degrees, certificates, diplomas, language tests or certificates of conformity. Speak to us if you need certified translations in German for presentation to a regional administration or for recognition of your professional qualifications.

Don’t tweak your texts yourself

Save valuable time and leave the translation of your medical licence, professional permit, medical examination, certificates of expertise, certificate of good standing and other documents, certificates or references to us. Our translation service is made up of native speakers, who guarantee a true translation. The translations can, of course, also be certified.

No matter whether you are headed for Australia or New Zealand, Great Britain, the USA, some other country or back home again – we will deliver a localised translation so that you win proper recognition of your work more easily.

You can send us your documents by e-mail, fax or post for a first appraisal. We will gladly compile a quote, either in the form of a fixed price or on line/word-price basis. Since most documents in this field are standardised, we are able to offer you high-quality translation at low rates.

If your documents have to be certified, we need original or certified copies of them in order to certify the translation.

If you don’t live in Essen or nearby, everything can be done by mail, and if time is pressing, also by express mail or courier. If you are interested, we would be pleased to hear from you. Call +49 201 8117747 or write an e-mail to

We translate the following:

Medical licences 

Doctorate certificates

Laboratory reports and tests

Attestations of equivalence


Certificates of good standing

Certificates of continuing education

... and much more

Attendance certificates

Certificates of expertise

Surgical procedures catalogues


Work certificates

Board certification as specialist

Medical examination certificates