Translation service

– as diverse as language itself

More than 5,000 languages are spoken around the world, with new ones being added regularly. Our professional translators work with the most important ones and translate your documents into your target language. For example (from/to):































Did you find your language? Then use our translation service and place your documents in the capable hands of native speakers who know their mother tongue perfectly. Both in spoken and written form.

Written and spoken perfection

In other words, they know the grammatical subtleties of their mother tongue. For example, sentence structure. Not every language has the basic word order of subject – verb – object. Word formation mechanisms also differ. And when it comes to spelling, who knows better than a native speaker? We also offer translations into other writing systems such as Arabic, Chinese and Greek.

We are familiar with the cultural peculiarities of target audiences, be they in the USA, Russia or South America. We find the right register for descriptive texts such as operating manuals, appellative texts such as advertisements or mailing campaigns and for the fine art of writing job application letters.
Here our native speakers know the pitfalls of their language and what should best not be written. For example: English knows no honorifics, German two forms – Du and Sie – and Korean even seven – which is why it is often best to leave some things to the professionals.

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We bring people together

Language is incredibly dynamic and throughout history new languages – so-called Creole languages – have developed time and again, borne out of situations of mutual incomprehension when two or more groups of people had no language in common. We simplify matters for you with our interpreting service.

Interpreting is one of the most challenging forms of translation as it takes place directly and immediately between speakers of two different languages. Our interpreters will help you communicate with international business partners in contractual negotiations or other talks.

Two languages – one goal

We provide our interpreting service in your offices or wherever you require. This service can facilitate a successful business transaction as it is only possible for speakers of two different languages to attain a professional level of conversation in which both parties can achieve their common goal with the help of a professional interpreter.

Interpreting service in more than 30 languages

Our interpreters work in almost all fields imaginable today.

Our professional interpreting service covers more than 30 languages from German languages through Romance languages to Russian, Turkish and even the – for European ears – so complicated language systems of Asia.

No matter where your business or private interests take you and no matter who you need to speak to, our interpreters will stand by your side. Our interpreting service has native speakers from around the world with a deep understanding of their mother tongue for best communication results.

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Your texts are worth the while

Our native speakers do their best to translate your documents into 30 and more different languages correctly – be it a birth certificate in Italian, a mailing campaign in English, commercial register extract in Turkish or a document in some other language. You are wondering what it will cost you? Ask us!

How we calculate the prices of your translation

Our prices are based primarily on the amount of text and its difficulty. Two hundred pages cost more than 20 pages and complicated technical texts more than, say, an easy curriculum vitae – although as experienced professionals, we don’t really like to use the word “easy” when it comes to translation. We work on every translation job with the utmost care. Every text is processed by a suitably qualified native speaker familiar with the intricacies of your target language.

Once you have sent us your document with a request for a quote, we will review the material and then offer you a package deal or a binding line/word price by return of mail. You may, of course, also send us just a few representative pages, but in this case we can only offer a non-binding guide price.

It can happen that you need a translation very quickly. We add a surcharge for rush orders that need to be completed overnight or on weekends. In such cases we will, however, inform you of the exact costs before you place your order.

Why not contact us now because the earlier you do so, the more time we will have to translate your text?
Use our contact form, send us an e-mail request or simply call us. We are open daily from 09:00 to 17:00 CET.

If you are interested, we would be pleased to hear from you. Call +49 201 8117747 or write an e-mail to