Technology not only needs to work, but must also be understood

Seen from a language point of view, technical texts are easy to define: operating manuals, handbooks, assembly instructions, etc. are essentially descriptive in nature. They do not wish to evoke any effect in their readers apart from informing them about what they describe. But that they must do without fail!

Complete reliability in terminology and style

Regardless of the language, the focus of technical translations lies on informing the reader clearly and concisely. The writer and translator must ensure that all technical terms have been selected correctly and the text is rendered such that the product can be used anywhere in the world without misunderstandings.

Technical translation – how we work

If you wish to use our technical translation service, contact us. We translate from and to more than 30 different languages in this field.

The procedure: send us your technical text by e-mail, fax, post or FTP.

Once we have reviewed the material, we will send you a quote (fixed price or on line or word basis) for the job.

After you have placed your order, our professional translators will get to work. Native speakers, of course! When the text has been translated, a second linguist will review it for accuracy and style.

When we are satisfied the text is suitable, we will return it to you by the channel of communication of your choice.

If you are interested, we would be pleased to hear from you. Call +49 201 8117747 or write an e-mail to

We translate the following in the field of technology:

Instruction handbooks

Operating manuals

User manuals

Technical proposals




Maintenance instructions

Assembly instructions

Requirement specifications

Product descriptions

…and much more


Take the international stage with professionally translated business texts

Business texts can be very delicate in nature. They often concern a lot of money, jobs or even the future of a company – all dependent on how something is said in a foreign language. Play it safe and call in the professionals at Gundi Nikol’s translation service to translate your business texts.

Address your business partners appropriately worldwide

As an expert in your field, you need to present yourself confidently in your business activities. That, of course, includes your correspondence with business partners, customers or foreign officials. Make sure your tenders, business reports, articles of association, websites and contracts are also presented professionally because a lot can often depend on them.

The right tone for every country

If you work internationally or wish to expand into new markets, it is extremely important to address potential and existing partners and customers in language that is not only grammatically correct and clear, but which also strikes the right tone. Cultural pitfalls abound. Our mother-tongue linguists know how to adopt the right tone and wording in their language for your target audience. They work into and from 30 different languages.

You need a tender in Spanish, commercial proposal in English or a new website in Japanese? No problem. We will help you to position yourself on the international market in suitable form. Take the international stage and ask us for a fixed-price quote for the translation of your business texts.

If you are interested, we would be pleased to hear from you. Call +49 201 8117747 or write an e-mail to

We translate the following in the field of business:

Requests for proposals

Commercial proposals

Commercial register extracts



Tender documents

In-house magazines

Articles of association

Information brochures

…and much more


On the safe side with our legal texts

Small mistakes can often have big consequences. This is especially true in the case of legal texts. It is vital that such texts are clear, logical and convincing.

Leave nothing to chance if you want the disclaimer or the GTCs of your website written in another language. Also play it safe when you want any type of contract, secrecy agreement or proxy translated and benefit from our long experience in the translation of legal texts.

Water-tight translation of legal texts

Our advice: have your legal texts translated by a native speaker. We offer professional translations in the field of law in more than 30 languages.

For documents of such a sensitive nature it is especially important that you use a professional service that guarantees you watertight translation of legal wording.

We translate legal documents

We offer translations of legal texts in more than 30 languages. We translate, for example, contracts into English, expert opinions and proxies into French and employment contracts into Spanish.

There is not much you need to do: simply send us your texts by e-mail or other means. We will then gladly submit a quote to you.

After placing your order, you will receive the translated text back before or on deadline. Avoid mistakes. Do it right and rely on Gundi Nikol and her team of professional translators.

If you are interested, we would be pleased to hear from you. Call +49 201 8117747 or write an e-mail to

We translate the following in the field of law:


Business reports

Annual accounts 

General terms and conditions

Employment contracts

Secrecy agreements


Expert opinions


Advertising messages that work

Advertising has many facets ranging from classical advertising such as advertisements or TV spots to modern online marketing with its banners, e-mailings or writing of website copy.

It is not always easy and sometimes impossible to translate the clever wording of copywriters into another language because what works in one language does not necessarily work in another. We can, however, usually help because our linguists know the pitfalls.

Translation of effective copy

Let’s forget about TV spots, guerrilla marketing and viral advertising for the moment and focus on classical advertising copy.

We offer translations primarily for the print media and direct marketing and therefore translate image brochures, advertisements, press releases as well as other means of promotion such as menus, exhibition descriptions and flyers.

For all the above to work, they must appeal to international customers. That means a one-to-one translation of an English text into another language will rarely have the same effect in the target language. Often a translation is not enough and an adaptation necessary.

In our own name

We offer translation and adaption of advertising texts in the most common European languages.

Simply send your promotional material to our translation agency by e-mail, fax or post. When our professional wordsmiths – all native speakers of the target language – are finished, we will return your texts in the same way.

If you are interested, we would be pleased to hear from you. Call +49 201 8117747 or write an e-mail to

We translate the following in the field of advertising:

Image brochures

Press releases



Exhibition descriptions

…and much more